Laundry Services


Armed with the finest detergents to finish your garments to the highest standard, we offer a full line of professional laundry services ranging from your shirts to other laundry clothing, as well as fluffing and folding. Your laundry is computer-tracked through the whole process which enables us to provide you with a superlative laundry service.

Laundry operations in KC is a delicate exercise requiring the use of water and certain carefully chosen detergents to either machine or hand clean garments requiring wet cleaning.

In KC, this process is done in strict adherence to care instructions by the garment manufacturer. For the best results from KC laundry operations, water supply has been subjected to 4-stage water purification and filtration process resulting in water of the highest quality.

This is part of the KC quality systems intentionally built to ensure that our customers get the best cleaning quality from us. Little wonder, white clothes stay white and colored clothes stay brightly coloured. We are renowned for this.




Clothes Care Tips

  • When not in use empty the pockets of the garment and hang on a solid shaped and curved hanger. This helps prevent distortion in the shape of the garment.
  • DON’T store your clothes in the poly robe you get from the dry cleaners as it attracts dust and can allow condensation.
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